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Dr. Gabor Lantos

Professional Engineer & Occupational Health


Dr. Gabor Lantos is one of the primary member of the Bk2B Brain Trust . Gabor has been involved with Health & Safety for the past 45years; as a professional engineer, a manager, and for the past 33 years as an occupational health physician. He has consulted to numerous hospitals, public institutions, universities, and corporations in varied sectors. He was closely involved with SARS (2003) – preventing nosocomial infections, and made both oral and written submissions to the SARS COMMISSION. He was co-developer of a NIOSH-approved one-size-fits-all N95 respirator. Currently, with Covid-19, he is keeping employees safe in essential workplaces. He has been a strong advocate for both effective ventilation and air handling systems against respiratory pathogens, and for optimal PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

For the past 24 years he has been on the Editorial Board of Hospital Employee Health, and has published articles and presented at conferences re many occupational health and safety related issues.

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