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Doug Myette, P.Eng.

Since 2008 Doug has worked strictly in Fall Protection and is a Qualified Fall Protection engineer. He has designed fall protection systems for, and consulted with clients in various industries. Including construction, education, theatre, Municipal Government, Provincial Government, transportation, Class 1 railway, oil & gas processing and drilling operations, and agriculture.

Doug is a professional member of APEGA and ASSE

Recent Articles by Doug Myette, P.Eng.

Fall Arrest Force and Clearance

Fall arrest force and clearance are the two most important factors when considering fall protection PPE. Learn how these two factors affect one another and how to account for this in your fall protection plan.

CSA Class E4 vs. Class E6 Personal Energy Absorber (PEA)

Class E4 and E6 personal energy absorbers (PEA) are rated differently, and not the way you might think. Find out why there is a misconception surrounding the clearance required to arrest falls using both class E4 and E6 PEAs.