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Donna Wren


I secured a job with a local company teaching First Aid but unfortunately 18 months down the line the company went into receivership and we were all made redundant. Becoming self-employed was something that I had thought about but was too scared to do. Being made redundant changed that and I was kind of I thrown into it. So Wren Training began. I wanted to actually teach First Aid and not just tell people what to do, send them off and hope they understood. I teach in a simple way without over complicating the subject but covering everything you need to know. I make the courses fun without taking away the seriousness of the subject. Often it is taught in a way that people don’t feel confident enough to actually do it when they need to. When you leave the course you have the skills which will give you the ability to hopefully save lives, not just a certificate to say you attended and therefore passed. I always take time answer people’s questions to ensure everyone leaves fully understanding. I want to ensure people feel at ease and enjoy my courses. It is pointless teaching people lifesaving skills if they did not understand fully and leave knowing they have not got the confidence to to put it into practice. I also wanted to offer First Aid and AED training at an affordable price, I don’t want anyone to think that the training is so expensive that they cannot afford it. I’m also very flexible in how I teach and fit in with people.

Everyone should have access to First Aid training; I believe children should be taught it from Primary age. Most people think they only need to do a course for work. You do not leave your skills and knowledge at work!! There are more accidents at home than in the workplace. Sadly, people often don’t think about learning until something happens. Then they wish they knew what to do. Statistics show over 40% of people lost a loved one before it seemed important to them.

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