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Del Stevens

Del Stevens is an independent consultant engaged in training and education in a wide range of disciplines. With an international client list in industries as diverse as the military, government, oil and gas and, most recently, the health sector, there is habitually more work than time. Despite this, Del writes daily, both professionally and for amusement, and has the pleasure of being published online and in print. Much older than he looks, Del’s favorite things are hugs with his family.
Recent Articles by Del Stevens

Why a Tool Box Talk Should Precede Even the Simplest Tasks

Tool box talks provide timely opportunities for team training, to promote team safety responsibilities and to emphasise key safety messages.

Janitorially Speaking - Knowledge Is Safety

Learn how to keep yourself safe when using and storing household chemicals.

Why Safety Moments Matter

Safety is an underestimated part of our day. Given a choice between hurrying and doing something safely, we frequently make the wrong choice. Safety moments give you a chance to uncover topical risks and focus attention on safe behaviors.