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David White



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“We deliver to our customers the right PPE at the right price at the right time”

Dave is co-owner of Quad City Safety and spends his days personifying the phrase “The customer and end-user come first”. To him, that’s not some hokey, feel good one-liner. That belief is ingrained in him and he passes that same sentiment onto the team of experts on Quads City’s staff. They prove their dedication daily by helping people find the right safety equipment for their needs and continuing to help them long after the sale closes. They build a family with their client that’s bound together by a strong safety culture.

Dave knows safety standards inside and out. He knows how to keep you in compliance and out of trouble. More importantly, he knows safety doesn’t stop at some over-complicated, minimum requirement. He’s committed to taking safety the extra mile — keeping workers safe through up-to-date safety information that’s easy to understand and equipment that gets the job done right. It’s not just about avoiding fines. It’s about saving lives.

The workforce relies on real answers and real solutions.

Solutions that work

To Quad City Safety, you are the reason why they’re passionate about what they do. That’s why they’ve been doing it for nearly 50 years and their expertise shows!

Stop by and say hi to their safety mascot Bacon by visiting their website at! When it comes to safety tips, Bacon is heads and tails above the rest!

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