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Brake Charity


Brake exists because every 30 seconds someone, somewhere in the world, is killed in a road crash. The misery of road deaths and injuries is a shameful epidemic that must end. With your help, Brake campaigns to stop the needless deaths and serious injuries and supports the victims. Find out more at or contact us at [email protected] runs awareness-raising campaigns, community education programmes, events such as Road Safety Week, and a Fleet Safety Forum, providing advice to companies. Brake’s support division cares for bereaved and seriously injured crash victims through a helpline (0845 603 8570 or [email protected]) and other services. We welcome your comments and questions but please be respectful to other Brake followers. Spam, posts that may cause offence (especially to people affected by road crashes), and posts that are aggressive or inflammatory in tone or contain anti-road safety messages may be removed. Users who repeatedly put up posts of this nature may be blocked.

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