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REMSA Education and Training

The REMSA Training Center, a private, Nevada-licensed post-secondary educational institution, offers courses for the Public, First Responders(EMR), EMT, Advanced EMT, Paramedics, Nurses, Physicians, and Businesses.

The REMSA Training Center believes uncompromising standards benefit the clinician and more importantly the patient. Commitment to success of the individual is a primary focus of our organization. Vast resources enable the REMSA Training Center to ensure the success of the individual or organization's education and training goals. The REMSA Training Center has formed partnerships with University of Nevada Reno and University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) to offer a wide range of education opportunities. REMSA continues its pledge offering Washoe County, Northern Nevada and Northern California the best EMS education opportunities available.


400 Edison Way, Suite B
Reno , Nevada , 89502
United States