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Ideal Warehouse Innovations

Safety is no accident.

Maintaining a safe environment takes planning and commitment

Workplace safety requires some thinking ahead; time to consider the ‘What ifs?” and then address them.

While every work environment is different, IRONguard has set out to offer an answer to every possible “What if?” that we could think of.

We strive to provide cost effective, real solutions that save lives and protect people.

For companies that care about their employees and are passionate about providing a safe workplace, IRONguard is the perfect partner.

100 Feet of Fencing…Anytime, Anywhere.

The importance of warehouse and facility safety continues to grow in importance and is at the forefront of any successful business’ operational planning. Warehouse accidents and fatalities are still an unfortunate reality in facilities around the World and avoiding these dangerous situations should be top priority. Read More

Case Study: Sobeys & Witron Success Story

The Challenge

Grocery retailer Sobeys, located in Vaughan Canada, operates a 500,000 square foot distribution centre utilizing ASRS technology by Witron. Since this facility opened in 2009, they had been faced with maintenance challenges at height. Two specific problems needed to be urgently addressed. Read More

Case-Study: Proctor & Gamble: Danger Averted

The Challenge

Proctor & Gamble distribution centres, such as Brantford, Canada, have grown to become large centralized facilities typically exceeding one million square feet of fast moving consumer goods. To obtain maximum efficiency and ROI, high density storage solutions are utilized. In this case push back racking up to 6 pallets deep. This can present significant challenges. Push back rack is prone to jams caused by issues such as ‘chunks’ of pallet caught in the guide wheels, and spilled loads of product. These challenges lead to out of service pallet positions. Read More

Case Study: Double Deep Racking

The Challenge

A large distribution centre, located in Brampton Canada, found itself faced with a new global corporate safety mandate. They were to no longer utilize safety access cages mounted on their lift truck fleet for any purpose. In fact, they were instructed to dispose of them and find new ways to access their double deep racking at height. At this location, they use reach trucks to access pallet positions, hence they have narrow aisles, and limited possibilities to perform maintenance, repairs, and clear products spills without serious implications of damage to costly products. Not to mention the operational costs associated with clean up, disposal, and lost pallet positions. And of course, the risk of injury, or worse, and the resulting spiral of several consequences. Read More

IRONguard Safety Products is a participating member in the network. We are dedicated to all those who rely on the key players of the safety industry to help them get home safe, day in and day out.Safety Products Inc.



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