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Historical records indicate Spanish explorers discovered this area as early as 1557. Researchers have excavated many valuable relics showing that the Tensaw, Alabama, Choctaw, Creeks, and Seminole Indians all lived in this area prior to 1557. The community of Daphne dates as far back as 1763 when it was commonly known as “The Village”. French troops and later British troops occupied the area. Other well known historical areas can be found in nearby battle grounds located at Blakeley, north of Daphne; Fort Morgan at Gulf Shores: and Fort Gaines at Dauphin Island near Mobile.

Records indicate April 9, 1874 as the actual establishment of the town to be called Daphne with the designation of a Postmaster and official Post Office for the Community. Daphne was a resort area prior to the War between the States . In the early 1900′s, several Italian families settled in Daphne and brought with them great expertise in agriculture and a tradition of foods and wine. Their family names remain an important part of Daphne’s heritage. The “Festa Italiana”, sponsored by Christ the King Church Sodality, held each spring in conjunction with the Eastern Shore Chamber’s Arts & Crafts Festival, entices the crowd with homemade pastas, sauces, and delightful foods and crafts prepared from family traditions. The Festa truly emphasizes the wonderful heritage brought to this area from Italy.


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