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Should transportation be part of my safety program?

By Christy Linn | Last updated: May 31, 2017
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In a word yes.

In many safety programs, a lot of emphasis is placed on people, training, safety meetings, and even the signage in and around the site. When it comes to the equipment used daily, the maintenance and upkeep is the responsibility of asset and fleet departments.

Communication breaks down between these teams often because of the heavy workloads and varying directives.


Closer relationships between these teams and aligning EHS, asset, and fleet priorities creates a safer environment when the people, the equipment, and the vehicles are included in a comprehensive safety plan.

Make time to bring these teams together on a regular basis and find ways to integrate fleet management into the safety program. Their role is critical to a strong safety culture. When the equipment and vehicles are in safe working order, employees feel their company is making a visible effort to make their work environment a safer one.

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Written by Christy Linn

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