What is the difference between lost time injury and lost time accident?

By Steve Theunissen | Last updated: January 30, 2024

Lost time injuries and lost time accidents are similar concepts but with key differences.

Let’s take a quick look at each so we can better understand what they mean.

What Is a Lost Time Injury?

A lost time injury is an injury sustained by an employee at work that results in absenteeism (missed work days) or a reduction of the normal workload performed by that employee.

An injury will only recorded as a lost time injury if it results in the employee:

  • Requiring time off work
  • Being unable to perform their regular work duties
  • Needing modified work tasks

What Is a Lost Time Accident?

A lost time accident is an accident that takes pla

ce on the job and results in an employee being absent from the workplace for a minimum of one full day work day. The absent day does not include the day during which the accident occurred.

Updated OSHA regulations mean that days recorded as lost time accident days may include weekends, holidays, and vacation days.

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