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If I suspect potentially dangerous asbestos exposure is occurring in my workplace, who do I report it to?

By Michelle Whitmer | Last updated: July 3, 2018
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Workers can file a complaint with OSHA if they suspect asbestos is a hazard at their workplace. OSHA will investigate the complaint and inspect the workplace. Complaints can be filed online, by mail or fax, or reported over the phone by calling (800) 321-OSHA.

While minimal asbestos exposure has the potential to result in disease, it’s important to know that it generally takes repeated, heavy exposure to be considered at risk of an asbestos-related condition. This means people who may work with asbestos products on a regular basis should be concerned about limiting exposure with protective clothing and safety measures.

Around 20 percent of people exposed to asbestos develop a related disease. If you know you’ve been exposed to asbestos, you can enroll in a medical monitoring program or make sure to receive regular checkups to look for early signs of asbestos disease. Catching the diseases early can improve treatment outcomes and chances of long-term survival.


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Written by Michelle Whitmer

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