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What are the three most important key elements of this legislation not covered in the executive summary?

By Christy Linn | Last updated: February 5, 2023
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1. The retention, sharing and destruction of ELD data submitted for inspection or audit by the Federal Government. The final rule does not outline what the Federal Government will do with the downloaded ELD information from motor carriers or how long they will retain the information before destroying it.

2. Editing ELD logbooks, full details are under section in the final rule. There are limits to what data can be edited by both the driver and the motor carrier. Anytime an edit is made, an original version of the records must be maintained. Driver edits include entering missing information, annotate the ELD records. Electronically recorded driving time cannot be shortened. All edits must be annotated with a reason for the change. Anyone making edits must have a unique login ID. Any edits made by the motor carrier requires the driver to confirm the changes and certify the updated record.

3. Real time tracking of the vehicles is not required. The ELD data records will include some data elements like location, engine power up and engine power down, and 1 hour interval when the vehicle is driving, but it does not require real-time tracking of the vehicle. The precision of the location data is to be approximately a 1 mile radius when the driver’s status is indicated as “driving”. However, when the vehicle is being used for authorized personal use, as indicated by the driver’s duty status, the precision will be a 10 mile radius. The 10 mile radius is used to protect the driver’s privacy.


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