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June is National Safety Month

By Emma Theresa
Published: June 19, 2016 | Last updated: June 21, 2016 09:29:46
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Safety awareness tips.

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Safety risks are always present, regardless of the size of your company or the industry in which you work. The month of June is dedicated to understanding the importance of preventing life-threatening situations before they occur – use the information provided by the National Safety Council to celebrate National Safety Month with your employees, and help keep everyone happy and healthy on the job all year round.

June is National Safety Month

Observed annually, National Safety Month highlights safety topics that apply to the whole family. Interested individuals can sign up on National Safety Council's website to receive free safety month materials and learn more about free classes and online courses that help to build a common culture of safety in the workplace. Additional online resources (click here or here for more info) can inform you and your loved ones as to the myriad of ways they can make personal safety and security a number one priority both at home and at work.


Workplace safety hazards don’t discriminate – regardless of the industry you are in, all employees should be sure to report a potential workplace safety violation to a superior as soon as possible. Fires, live wires, chemical spills and other immediate risks require action to be taken as quickly as possible to avoid long-term damage to anyone’s physical body or company property. All employees should be sure to wear appropriate safety equipment when they work to avoid bodily harm. Though such general precautions are crucial across every occupation, employees in different fields should remember to employ the appropriate safety standards as they apply to their unique job requirements.

Construction Safety

Preventative maintenance is one of the best ways to identify a problem before it has the chance to grow out of control. All employees must be sure to check up on their equipment regularly. In the construction industry, it is vital for employees to always use the right tool for the job. If a tool or article of machinery is damaged, replace it ASAP with a functioning one to avoid unnecessary injuries.

Energy Industry Safety

Depending on the specific type of energy sector, employees may have different safety standards to ensure that they do not sustain an injury on the job. Using the appropriate safety harnesses and making sure that all equipment is functioning as it should is the most important part of any safety procedure. All employees should also be sure to keep careful records of their activities to make sure that all maintenance and construction work is done on schedule and to the highest quality standards.

Trucking Industry

It is crucial for truckers to practice defensive driving while they are out on the job. Aggressive or haphazard driving can not only lead to personal injuries, but it can also result in damage to surrounding vehicles and drivers. Truckers should be sure to adjust their driving according to local road conditions, especially if they are frequently active during inclement weather or drive on risky roads and highways. Truck drivers fulfill a very demanding role in our economy and all that driving can take a physical toll as well. To stay safe on the road is just as important as it is to get enough exercise, sleep, and to eat as healthy as possible.


Medical Industry

Safety is paramount in the medical industry, and all professionals should make sure to eliminate any potential biohazards as quickly and safely as is possible. Needles, faulty samples and previously worn garments should be disposed of immediately to avoid contamination. Experts should also check on medical equipment regularly in order to guarantee that the results presented are accurate and to avoid emergency situations. This is also a field in which the physical toll of the job can impact one’s ability to carry out safety procedures effectively – strive to maintain a healthy work/life balance and it will be easier to stay alert and aware of any imminent risks.

Take control of your personal health and safety today, and remember to keep in mind that your company is only as strong as the employees who work there. Each individual’s wellbeing is important in order to be as successful on the job as possible. After the month of June is over, staying mindful of possible hazards in both work and home environments will help ensure everyone’s safety in the long-term.


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Written by Emma Theresa

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