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By Ryan Quiring
Last updated: November 14, 2016
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Key Takeaways

Positive aspects of changing technology.

Fear of change is a hurdle to overcome when something new is introduced. We as individuals and as companies like things they way they are, and change is frightening. However, what if change could bring positivity? Instead of focusing on the negatives of change, we could instead pivot to the positive aspects of change. What if change meant more efficient time management and cost-savings? Lets take a look at some examples where this is true.


Personal Video Recorders (PVRs)

Even for the older crowd, it is difficult to remember when you used to have to know what time your TV program was scheduled, so that you were indeed in front of the TV at that time. If you missed it, you were out of luck! With the introduction of the PVR, we can now schedule the programs that we want to watch into our lives where we have time for them. This also means that we don’t have to watch the entire show all at one time – we can now tolerate being interrupted while viewing.


Smart Phones

Before cell phones, how available were we? Honestly, not very. Do you remember the days of calling your friends, picking a meeting place and time, and just having to trust that they would be there? Now that we carry our phones around with us, we are available on so many different contexts including text message, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and, of course, voice calling. The world has never been more connected than it is now.

Music Streaming Services

Where were we before technology like iTunes? To get music for a long drive we would have to drive to the retailer, purchase the CDs and keep them in the car. The newly purchased CD usually would go into a CD book that slides around your car taking up space. CD’s have a great tendency to get scratched and lost. With multiple music streaming services that are available, we can access millions of songs, organize them, have them available whenever and wherever we want, instantly.



Since the invention of online streaming services, we no longer have to waste our time going to the video store, hoping that there was still a copy of the movie we want to see. There is also no disappointment when we found out that the disc is scratched or otherwise damaged. We now know that the Internet connection is the only thing that can prevent us from watching the movie we want. We can browse thousands of movies right from our living room. No more bulky movie collections taking up space.

In many cases, it is funny, or even scary, to think about how archaic some of the processes we used to go through were, and how much wasted time was involved. In many areas, we have changed how we complete simple tasks, and technological advancement is largely to thank for that.

The speed at which change happens is staggering. With the introduction of cloud-style storage and digital file organization, there is no need to spend endless hours organizing and filing handwritten paperwork. Digitizing information means that files are less likely to be lost or damaged, and they are always accessible to those who require them. Change is coming in the construction health and safety sector, and, as we’ve seen with other technological advancements, this change is sure to bring with it positive impacts.

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Written by Ryan Quiring

Ryan Quiring

Ryan got his start in technology shortly out of high school by taking Electronics Systems Engineering. With this training he was setup to start in design of electronic systems but was also prepared to learn what he needed to get the job done to its highest potential.

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