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United States of Injury

By Scott Cuthbert
Published: May 18, 2015 | Last updated: November 1, 2021 08:11:23
Key Takeaways

Most common home injuries in the United States.

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Approximately one third of injuries happen in the home in the United States. With safety becoming a growing concern at work, the same should be happening in the home. It is not enough to be safety conscious at work, the safe work habits must follow workers into life outside the workplace. Many mistakes are made during first aid procedures in the home. Check out what the most common injuries are in the home, and what first aid mistakes are made frequently. Knowing what not to do, might be more crucial in an emergency than you think.

Injuries in United States Infographic



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Written by Scott Cuthbert | CEO & Co-Founder

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Prevention is the best medicine! No job is 100% safe, but there is much that employers, employees and safety professionals can do to minimize and reduce the risks. This applies to our Environment, our Health and our Safety.

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