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Pro Athlete-Approved Injury Prevention Tech, Designed for Your Workers

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Not all workplace injury prevention solutions are created equal. In fact, many costly injury prevention technologies and wearables suffer from low worker adoption and engagement. So, the question is: are some workplace wearables falling flat, or do they have a marketing problem?

At Bardavon, our employer partners benefit from our Injury Prevention Suite technology, Preventure. Our injury prevention technology is based on decades of research in sports technology and has been adopted by pro athletes worldwide. When we take elite, real-world solutions from the field to the floor, we empower workers, better understand movement and holistic wellness, and reduce injuries.

After this webinar you will be able to:

  • Vet injury prevention partners for those most likely to deliver ROI and strong employee engagement.
  • Understand the cross-over between sports injury prevention and workplace injury prevention and how our industrial athletes benefit from sports science.
  • Receive tips to get employees to embrace injury prevention solutions and understand how to best communicate solutions to employees.

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