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The Anatomy of Cut-Resistant Gloves

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When it comes to keeping your workers safe and preventing cut injuries in Industrial Manufacturing, identifying the right cut-resistant gloves and sleeves for the right job applications involves more than just the cut level. This webinar takes you behind the curtain to learn about the anatomy of a cut-resistant glove, from the vast array of textiles, knitting techniques, coating materials and how the tasks performed, hazardous conditions present and duration of use determine the type of cut protection needed.

Selecting the right cut protection for your workers’ safety can be challenging. The operations they undertake and safety requirements they have are unique in their own ways. AnsellGUARDIAN®is a complimentary service that combines 45 years of safety assessment experience and a data-driven methodology to help reduce injuries and improve productivity and cost performance through personalized, on-site safety assessments.

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