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360-View of Contractor Safety: Mitigate Risks and Manage Safety on Multi-Employer Sites

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Nearly every business outsources some aspects of its operations and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to ensure their third-party workforce is a pillar of strength for their business, however, organizations lack a holistic 360-view of the risks their third-party workforce imposes on the business.

When it comes to high-risk activities such as confined spaces, energy isolation and hot work, confined spaces, any work completed by an employee on various work sites must be controlled to reduce risk. These risks include injuries, property damage, asset damage, and even fatalities. The first move is to take a step back to get a 360-view to ensure your business operation isn’t disrupted and your team is kept safe.

In this webinar attendees will learn how to:

  • Track and manage contractor training and competencies
  • Solidify safety management policies and procedures to reduce on-site third-party risks
  • Gain complete visibility and transparency of third-party work on-site
  • Use automation and Artificial Intelligence to streamline Root Cause Analysis processes

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