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Construction Respiratory Program Suffocating You? Breathe Easy.

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Silica Dust, Asbestos, Welding Fumes, Concrete Dust, Lead, Solvents, Sprays, Fibers, and more. What do they all have in common? Your lungs! If you’re encountering one or more of the above at your workplace, you know all too well what wearing a respirator entails. So, when it comes to your workplace respiratory program, you may want to start with the following questions:

1. Does my company have a mandatory or a voluntary respiratory protection program and if so, who is responsible for it?

2. What are the respiratory hazards that you we are protecting against?

If you start with those questions, you’re headed down the right path to keeping you and your workforce safe.

Join Craig and Frank from Moldex as the help us get a better handle on what to look for when implementing or improving your construction respiratory program

  • Mandatory vs. Voluntary Respiratory Program
  • Differences in the types of Fit Testing: Bananas vs. Computers (Qualitative vs. Quantitative)
  • Selection of Respiratory Equipment
  • o Right for the Hazard
    o Right for the Task
    o Right for the Person
  • Human Facial Hair is HUGE!

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