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A Comprehensive Approach to Workforce Well-Being

ByHolly Laubscher | Published: July 22, 2022
Presented by GOJO Industries, Inc.
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Key Takeaways

Keep operations running smoothly and support employee well-being

Did you know that damaged skin accounts for over $1.8 Billion in direct medical expenses annually in the U.S.? (Ya, that's a B by the way!!)

Workplace health and employee safety has always been a challenge for businesses, but recent years have seen an increased focus on these issues. A wide variety of challenges can impact operations, from employee exposure to chemicals and skin irritants to difficulty removing soils. In addition, companies must contend with malfunctioning or inoperable dispensers, empty bottles or dispensers, and sanitizer that is on the FDA recall list.

Additionally, businesses must strive to meet enterprise diversity goals while also dealing with labor shortages. These challenges can be difficult to navigate, but the health of employees and the workplace should always be a top priority.

Join Holly Laubscher as she helps us understand the skin health challenges facing workforces today and a total solution based approach on what to do about it.

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Employee Health

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Written by Holly Laubscher | Sales Operations Manager

Profile Picture of Holly Laubscher

Holly has been with GOJO for 14 years, 10 of those managing the Canadian and Latin American markets before ‘defecting’ to the US side of the business where she works with the US commercial sales team. GOJO is headquartered and Holly resides in Akron, OH… the cultural mecca of the Midwest. Haha. She is an avid traveler, fantasy/sci-fi fan (esp Harry Potter) and enjoys golfing – when sunny Ohio allows.

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