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Time is of the Essence - Protection from the Leading Causes of Premature Death

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Did you know, Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHSCA) is responsible for approximately 350,000 deaths in the US annually and is responsible for twice as many fatalities than all other workplace injuries combined?

Once people call emergency services for help, they need the right equipment and confidence to act, to keep the victim alive for the 7 - 14 minutes it takes for EMS to arrive. Since severe bleeding can become fatal in 3-5 minutes and airway complications can cause hypoxic brain death in as little as six minutes, it is critical that ordinary citizens are prepared to deal with unexpected medical emergencies while they wait for professional first responders.

That means having the necessary tools at your disposal to manage anything from bleeding injuries to cardiac arrest, choking burns, or even hypothermia. The time after all is of the essence.

Join Spiff Walsh as he walks us through how to be prepared in different emergency situations and some solutions that save lives in the minutes before EMS arrives.

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