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Fall Protection Equipment in the Workplace: A Distribution Center Case Study

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In 2021, the most cited workplace safety standard by OSHA was fall protection (11th year in a row). Utilization of fall protection equipment is common throughout both construction and general industry. Reliance on this equipment is a key aspect to protecting against injuries due to falls. Without proper care, maintenance, and routine inspections, fall protection equipment can quickly degrade and lead to an increased risk.

The presentation provides a brief overview of where fall protection is required, types of fall protection equipment, and methods for care, maintenance, and inspection. During a 2016-2017 project, Colden inspected over 1,000 pieces of fall protection equipment at over fifteen distribution centers across the United States. Findings, and their implications, will be summarized.

In this webinar registrants will:

  • Understand the five types of controls in the hierarchy of fall protection
  • Identify specific components of fall protection equipment and define methods for inspection
  • Develop a general understanding of selecting an appropriate fall protection system for a specific operation

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