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Why Artificial Intelligence is the Best Assistant for Construction Safety Managers?

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and Safety Managers together hold an enormous potential for construction jobsite safety in near future. The scope of relevant technologies like computer vision ranges from automatically identifying and alerting employees and supervisors about hazards and emerging risks to make the process
dispute free with its capability of keeping documentation in the form of visual records like videos and pictures.

In this webinar you’ll learn how construction industry can improve jobsite safety, reduce accidents and gain insights of potential risks by adopting AI-powered cloud-based solution. Some of the case studies presented during the webinar will include:

• Automated PPE detection and instant alerts for all stakeholders
• Preventive alerts for workers entering in danger zones
• COVID-19 protocol monitoring
• Visual Proofs of Disputes & Non-Compliances with zero manual documentation
• Machine-human-object collision detection
• Psychological safety for workforce through a transparent flow of information in the workflow
• Manual vs Automated safety compliance monitoring

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