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Asset Management: Understanding its strong bond with EHS

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Whether you are managing a full warehouse, welding company, or a fleet of vehicles, it can be a challenge to organize and maintain your asset management system. Some companies try to manually manage their equipment, which can lead to large administrative costs, increased costs for the asset lifecycle, and the risks of documents being destroyed. However, with the right asset management tool, the challenges of manually tracking equipment documents and records can be achieved. An enterprise asset management program will help workplaces track equipment documents effectively through scheduled maintenances/calibrations, managing costs and maximizing in-depth reporting for utilization.

With the changing landscape of workspace management, corporate real estate has earned an all-new dimension resulting in facilities management as a distinct function within companies. Managing a wide portfolio of facilities has gone beyond just being a support function and has become closer to the soul of the organization. The shift is simply paying attention to the right priorities and metrics.

With advances and changes, comes the complexity of the equipment being used for business / plant operations and assets being used to manage these facilities. However, the topics of environmental impact and personnel safety has not kept pace. As a result, organizations fail to understand the safety parameters that need to be attended to and struggle to grapple with the challenges that contractors face.

As asset management evolves there is technology available to aid organizations in their pursuit of achieving the highest levels of safety in their operations and to optimize how they manage their assets. Organizations are able to schedule preventive maintenance, streamline calibration of equipment, and understand equipment breakdown trends. In parallel, organizations can measure and see the impact of improved safety and the reduction of near-misses and safety incidents as the result of a well-orchestrated asset management program.

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