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Chemical Resistant & Flame Resistant Protective Apparel for the Oil & Gas Industry

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Workers in the oil & gas industry perform many high-risk tasks that involve potential fires and exposure to a wide range of hazardous chemicals. As a result, workers in the oil & gas industry face multiple workplace hazards in a very dynamic work environment.

A broad range of protective apparel solutions are needed to address the multiple hazards workers face. With so many different manufacturers offering protective apparel solutions, identifying and sourcing the most appropriate garments can be very time-consuming.

Selection of personal protective equipment (PPE), including protective apparel, is the responsibility of employers under OSHA 1910.132. A key first step is the selection of protective apparel is to conduct a Site Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment.

Once hazards have been identified, look for essential protective apparel properties, verify properties against regulatory standards, and consult with protective apparel manufacturers to obtain the optimum garments for your workplace and hazards.

Please join us for an on-demand webinar hosted by safety and technical experts from DuPont Personal Protection, as they discuss protective apparel considerations for chemical and flame hazards in the oil and gas industry.

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