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Serious Injury/Fatality Prevention: Joint-Employer Settings

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Key Takeaways

In this webinar you will learn: 1.) Risk Multipliers and Challenges to Better Safety in a Joint-Employer Environment 2.) Nature and history of Serious Injury/Fatality as it relates to the Joint-Employer Work Environment 3.) A Framework for Safety Management Systems Between Two Employers 4.) What Does 'Better' Look Like, And What's Needed to Get There?

The traditional approach to understanding safety in a joint-employer environment has been primarily focused on important aspects of contract management, prequalification, insurance/compliance and business elements such as procurement. But are these enough to establish and maintain the ongoing risk assessment, monitoring and communications needed to maintain acceptable levels of risk? What happens when a business process changes, or leadership turnover occurs in a safety critical role?

As we continue to learn about the nature of risk in a joint-employer environment we are clearly seeing that more is needed in order to better establish reliability between both employers, especially as it relates to the prevention of Serious Injuries/Fatalities. In addition, we will discuss the simple advantages of a joint-safety management system to better anticipate changing risks/errors, identify the common precursors specific to the contingent workforce and explore current and emerging industry trends as it relates to two or more employers accomplishing work through a shared workforce.

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