It has been said that “safety leadership” is about you setting high standards and expectations, getting your followers to comply with rules, providing them with a safe workplace and ensuring no one takes a risk…

If true…you have just past your test as a manager, but you have failed as a leader!

Leaders encourage their followers to push boundaries, to make and learn from mistakes, to challenge the status quo and to take the first step into the unknown. Leaders are pioneers and rule-breakers and risk-takers!

If a long list of people like Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Steve Jobs, George Patton, Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill, Franklin D Roosevelt …DID NOT take brave steps into the unknown, DID NOT take risks, they would have been unknown today. They would have failed as leaders.

But how do you reconcile this with safety leadership, which goes the opposite way, the narrow path, the safe path, the well-trodden road? A key aspect of safety is: “Follow the Rules! Comply! Don’t you dare!”

Simple answer, it can’t be reconciled. They are opposites
But there is something called Deep Safe, that makes it all possible and Deep Safe Leadership shows a very different pathway. The DeepSafe leader who shows passion, inspires from the front, dares to differ, empowers others and touches hearts will take followers to the edge of risk, and bring them back.

We can navigate into dangerous oceans and make it to the other side – because icebergs and rocks do not sink ships, captains do.

This webinar will explore the deep safety concept and how to lead it.