Summer is here and that means being even more aware of safety hazards and challenges your workers will face every day. High heat, temperature extremes, noisy work environments, working at heights, confined space situations; increased amounts of roadwork, utility work and construction all contribute to enhanced levels of risk to personal safety. But what should you know about these situations and the safety concerns they represent?

Join solution experts for PPE, Chris Fackler, Fall Protection, Tom Dillon, and Respiratory Protection, Robin Regan as they walk us through summer's safety challenges.

Topics include:

  1. General Summer Safety Hazards - What to do about them
  2. Fall Protection - Fatigue and Dehydration play a part in fall accidents
  3. Fall Protection - PPE you can look at to prevent this from happening
  4. Picking the right respirator for the summer
  5. Silica - Understanding the new silica standard
  6. Silica - What is respirable crystalline silica and how does it affect us?
  7. Silica - Key elements of the new silica standard
  8. Silica - Respirator selection