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Webinar: How to reduce your equipment downtime using OEE

ByArt Maat | Published: October 2, 2017
Presented by Nektar Data Systems

Join equipment specialist Barry Thomson along with author, speaker, and expert trainer, Bryan McWhorter as they take us on a journey through Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). In this webinar you will learn:

  1. What is OEE?
  2. What can you accomplish with OEE?
  3. How the 6 major losses relate to OEE
  4. Improvement goals for 6 big losses
  5. Tools for determining and interpreting OEE
  6. Real world examples of how one contractor has done it

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Safety Equipment Best Practices

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Written by Art Maat | President & CEO

Profile Picture of Art Maat
In his founding role as President & CEO of Nektar Data Systems Art is responsible for supervising the products and services that the company offers. His area of expertise centers around the evangelism of industry best practices for data and asset management initiatives. He actively consults executive and operations level management of customer and partner companies.
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