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Webinar: Contractor Prequalification: Are you doing it?... Are you doing it RIGHT?

ByPete Wiggins | Published: July 31, 2017
Presented by FIRST, VERIFY
Image for Webinar:  Contractor Prequalification:  Are you doing it?... Are you doing it RIGHT?
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Contractor and supplier prequalification is a key component to a good risk management program. The prequalification process must not only vet your contractors and suppliers, but also address the needs of the various stakeholders involved in dealing with them.

Join Pete Wiggins for an exclusive webinar as he discusses:

1. The key components that comprise a good prequalification program

2. The role each component plays

3. When you should drill deeper

4. Critical documents you should require as part of prequalification

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Written by Pete Wiggins | Principal

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Pete Wiggins worked for over twenty years helping to develop and lead a network of 90+ remodeling franchises serving 30 states, the U.K., Canada and Japan. Trading as Archadeck®, it was the leading organization in its market segment and received recognition as among Remodeling magazine’s Top 50, Entrepreneur magazine’s Top 100 home-based franchises, and Inc. magazine’ 500 fastest growing private companies.
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