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Webinar - Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Q&A Live Discussion

ByTracey Thibeau | Published: September 22, 2016
Presented by Danatec
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Join Safety Talks host Calvin Simpson as he speaks with Transportation of Dangerous Goods expert Tracey Thibeau and former federal radiation and TDG Inspector, Corie Doyle. Take part in the conversation as they answer your questions during the live show. Topics of this Safety Talk include:

1. Lithium Battery Transport

2. Release Reporting / Definition

3. Changes to 2016 Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG)

4. Overpack vs. Means of Containment

5. Shipping Documentation Changes

Please click on the thumbnails below to download the presentation and watch 3 additional TDG videos

Safeopedia TDG Webinar

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Hazards Transportation Safety

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Written by Tracey Thibeau | Safety Consultant

Profile Picture of Tracey Thibeau
Tracey is an experienced International Trainer and an Accredited Instructor with IATA (International Air Transport Association) having taught in Europe, Africa, USA, the Caribbean and, of course, Canada.
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