Join Safety Talks host Calvin Simpson as he speaks with Ergonomics expert Dr. Linda Miller. Take a deep dive into what is being reported as the "new smoking" and "biggest health risk of our generation". Topics of this Safety Talk include:

1. Occupational Sitting Disease

2. Sedentary Lifestyles

3. Summarizing the truth about "Sitting Disease"

4. The Impact of Alternative Workstations

5. Evidence vs. Popular Opinion

6. Organizational Strategies & Design Approaches

Sitting Disease and Ergonomics: Evidence & Best Practice Solutions

Linda established EWI Works in 1991 & has extensive experience in large-scale ergonomic projects involving design reviews & training. Industries include healthcare, utilities, forestry, mining and manufacturing. For two decades, she has presented at health & safety conferences & teaches at the University of Alberta.

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Sitting Disease Presentation