When Your Job Takes You to the Edge

When Your Job Takes You to the Edge

A fall can occur in the blink of an eye, caused by a momentary lapse in concentration, tiredness, lack of spatial awareness, misplaced footing, reaction to an unexpectedly loud noise, slipping or loss of balance, which is exacerbated if the worker is carrying heavy tools or equipment.

This whitepaper explains what health and safety managers need to consider when selecting personal fall protection equipment (PFPE) for workers operating at height. The paper focuses on how lifelines of fall arrest devices such as self-retracting lifelines and personal fall limiters can be damaged or severed when contact is made with an edge by the force of a falling worker.

It looks at some of the most common applications and types of work where edges are usually found and analyzes some of the key risks. The whitepaper also offers a brief overview of safety measures that are recommended and the latest regulatory changes and product criteria to look for.

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