Whitepaper: Don't Get Burned by the Confusion

A Safety Manager's Guide to Understanding FR Rainwear

There could be a dark secret lurking in your workplace. While it isn't the kind of bombshell that you'd hear about on "60 Minutes" or
"Dateline NBC,'' it's something that could undermine the safety of workers in the construction, petrochemical, telecommunication and utility industries, among others.

Your flame-resistant (FR) rainwear might not be FR rainwear after all.

Maybe it isn't the tantalizing type of expose that's tailor-made for the tabloids. Still, it warrants a closer look by safety managers who are charged with protecting their workers against flame, arc-flash and flash-fire hazards.

"There's a lot of confusion in the marketplace regarding what FR rainwear really is and how FR rainwear relates to FR clothing,” explains Brian Nutt, Product Director, Protective Clothing, for Piscataway, N.J.-based Tingley Rubber Corp. “Adding to the confusion is the fact that some vendors continue to market their rainwear as ‘FR’ even though they’re citing an old test method that isn’t appropriate for applications that involve arc-flash or flash-fire hazards. So safety managers who purchase ‘FR rainwear’ for arc-flash or flash-fire resistance might be surprised to find out that those products don’t provide the right level of protection for their workers.”

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