Contractor Management Solutions Checklist

Managing a project of any size requires collaborating with multiple teams, vendors, and contractors, each presenting their own unique challenges and requirements for completion. But you don’t just want the job finished, you want it finessed—that project must meet or exceed your standards and expectations without draining your patience, confidence, or budget. This means that you have to find the perfect people for the job—a daunting process for even the most experienced owner clients.

Thankfully, Contractor Management Solutions (CMS) exist to streamline the vetting process and mitigate risks without the added stress. Investing in a CMS is like having your own team of contractor managers working alongside you, but without the added payroll burden or manpower expenditure. You won’t have to sift through long lists of contractors, then carefully review their documents in order to procure the right ones—the CMS does that for you. But not all CMSs are created equal, so every owner client can benefit from referring to a basic checklist to ensure that a CMS system offers just that—solutions.

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Contractor Management Solutions Checklist

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