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Developing an Effective Safety Culture - Book Excerpt

Safety Culture 101.
Developing an Effective Safety Culture - Book Excerpt

Does management commitment make a difference?

This is an excerpt from Developing an Effective Safety Culture by James Roughton. It expands on a simple philosophy that working safely is a cultural issue. Having an effective safety culture will eventually lead to the desired goal of reducing injuries to the lowest possible level in the workplace. This book provides the concepts and an understanding of what is needed to reach that goal.

The author present reference material for all phases of building a safety management system and ultimately developing a safety program that fits the culture. This book offers the most comprehensive approach to developing an effective safety culture. Information is easily accessible as the author move first through, understanding the cost of injuries, then to perspectives and descriptions of management systems, principal management leadership traits, establishing and evaluating goals and objectives, providing visible leadership, and assigning required responsibilities.


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