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Image for Dominick A. Farina

Dominick A. Farina


Dominick A. Farina is the owner of Trashcans Unlimited, a leading supplier of decorative and commercial trash cans and recycling bins.

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How to Safely Dispose of Office Trash
Image for Irina Adriana Barbu

Irina Adriana Barbu

Product Marketing Manager

Irina is a Product Marketing Manager with Intelex Technologies Inc. responsible for communicating the value of Intelex products to the EHSQ market.

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5 Things You Need to Know About the New OSHA 2017 Reporting Mandate
Image for James Alexander

James Alexander

Construction Safety Director

Construction Safety Director and (CSP) with 20+ years in the construction space and now elevating compliance, risk, and safety programs with...

Image for David Antle, PhD, CCPE

David Antle, PhD, CCPE

Research Director/Senior Consultant

David joined EWI Works in 2012, and has since received his doctorate in kinesiology, specializing in occupational biomechanics and ergonomics, from...

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How Your Computer’s Display Settings May Influence Your Back and Neck
Image for Samantha Baker

Samantha Baker


Samantha Baker is a product expert at Cotral Lab Inc., and oversees all marketing efforts for the U.S. headquarters in Miami, Fl. Samantha’s primary...

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The Effects of Noise on the Body: Why Everyone Needs Hearing Protection
Image for Kurina Baksh

Kurina Baksh


Kurina Baksh is a Health, Safety and Environment Professional from Trinidad and Tobago. As a recent graduate in the field, she is trained to analyze...

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Violence in the Workplace: Recognize the Risk and Take Action
Image for Karoly Ban Matei

Karoly Ban Matei

HR and Safety Manager

Karoly has worked at a senior level (both as an employee and a contractor) for organizations in the construction and manufacturing industries. He has...

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How to Get a Job as a Safety Professional
Image for Laurence Banville

Laurence Banville


Laurence Banville. Esq is the managing partner and face of Banville Law. Laurence is licensed to practice law in the state of New York. Originally...

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Top 4 Most Important Workplace Safety Trends of 2018
Image for Jessica Barrett

Jessica Barrett


Jessica is a freelance writer and editor from Toronto, Canada. She specializes in creating content for nonprofits and has written for organizations...

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How to Clean, Maintain, and Extend the Life of Your Respirator
Image for Andrew Barrett

Andrew Barrett


Andrew is best known as a communicator and a connector. Host of the popular Safety on Tap Podcast, his mission is to help leaders to grow themselves...

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From Teflon to Coach: A Lesson in Effectiveness
Image for Adrian Bartha

Adrian Bartha

Chief Executive Officer

Adrian Bartha is the CEO of eCompliance, which he joined in 2012 after experiencing first-hand how a workplace incident affected a power and...

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Using Electronic Reporting to Stay Compliant with OSHA Requirements
Image for Gerry Bell

Gerry Bell


Over the past 35 years, Gerry has lead major design and development projects, set up production facilities and piloted start up management of...

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7 Ergonomic Solutions That Can Hamper Our Personal Well-Being
Image for Michael Benedict

Michael Benedict

VP, App Store & Content

Mike Benedict is VP of Content for Canvas. He oversees the building of the world's largest business Application Store, and partnering with companies...

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OSHA's Fatal Four
Image for Jack Benton

Jack Benton

EHS - Safety Consultant

I am a “Hands On”, "On the Floor" involved employee mentor, motivator, solution-oriented and proactive safety professional with 14 years of EHS /...

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National Safety Awareness Month
Image for Sophie Bishop

Sophie Bishop


Sophie Bishop is a healthcare journalist. Sophie aims to spread awareness through her writing around issues to do with safety, wellbeing, and...

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How to Improve Your Environmental Impact at Work
Image for Jessica Bitterman

Jessica Bitterman


She attended Illinois Wesleyan University where she studied English Writing with a minor in History. During her tenure with, she has...

Image for Gary Blake

Gary Blake

Vice President of Industrial Development

Gary Blake is the Vice President of Industrial Development at Safety Plus, Inc. He holds a degree in Industrial Technology for the University of...

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12 Things to Do During an OSHA Investigation
Image for Justin Boeckman

Justin Boeckman

Marketing Director

Justin has been the marketing director at SafetySkills since 2016. Established in 1993, SafetySkills has developed over 450 EHS online training...

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How OSHA-Authorized Training Can Benefit You - And Why You Still Need More
Image for Courtney Bohman

Courtney Bohman

Global Product and Marketing Manager

Courtney Bohman is responsible for the development and maintenance of Brady SPC's absorbent and spill control portfolio. With years of safety and...

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Lockout Tagout: 6 Essential Elements
Image for Nate Bohmbach

Nate Bohmbach

Product Director // ISEA Standards Committee for Dropped Objects Solutions, Chair

Nate Bohmbach joined Ergodyne in 2011. He oversees the Productivity pillar of products, where he is dedicated to keeping worksite tools and equipment...

Image for Mike Bolden

Mike Bolden

Sales Manager

Michael Bolden has been passionate about safety for more than 20 years while serving in Product Management, Sales, and Marketing in the Automotive...

Image for Dan Bowen

Dan Bowen

National Chemical Industrial Specialist / Technical Marketing Specialist

Dan Bowen is currently a Technical Marketing Specialist for DuPont Protection Solutions. In this role, Dan helps educate the safety industry about...

Image for Joel Bradbury

Joel Bradbury


Joel is a native Washingtonian, having spent half his life the Eastern part of the state, and the other half in Western Washington. Armed with a...

Image for Ronan Bray

Ronan Bray


After completing a quadruple major in a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Western Australia in 2010, Ronan joined Cube Consulting (now INX...

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10 Questions to Ask When Considering a Safety Software Solution
Image for Nathan Braymen

Nathan Braymen


Co-Founder of Safety Justice LeagueFounder of lifts the HR OSHA burden by answering the question “is it...

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SJL Presents Jason Patton (3 Jason's, 1 Redbeard)
Image for Bart Briggs, CSP

Bart Briggs, CSP

Founder / Owner

Bart Briggs is the founder and owner of Safety Plus, Inc and has actively served as its President and CEO since 1991. The company currently services...

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The 6 Key Elements of an Effective Safety Program
Image for Scott Brothers

Scott Brothers

Vice President

Scott Brothers has enjoyed a remarkable professional journey that has taken him from a family ranch in rural Oklahoma to Seattle for school and New...

Image for Zac Brough

Zac Brough


Zac Brough currently serves as President of SafetyWear, a division of Sullivan-Brough, Inc. Zac has over 18 years of safety distribution experience...

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Measuring the Hidden Costs of Accidents
Image for Leah Brown

Leah Brown

Lead Content Contributor

As Lead Content Contributor for SafetySkills, Leah is responsible for the development of informational articles covering numerous OSHA, EHS and HR...

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8 Reasons to Adopt Microlearning Safety Training
Image for Tracy Broyles

Tracy Broyles


Ms. Broyles is a blogger, author, and freelance writer specializing in lifestyle, health, and legal topics. When she's not writing, you can...

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Electrolytes: What They Are and Why They Matter for On-the-Job Hydration
Image for Jonathan Brun

Jonathan Brun


Jonathan Brun is founder and CEO of, a company devoted to helping businesses comply to EHS regulations and conduct audits on mobile...

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How to Find and Buy Great EHS Software
Image for Nicholas Bryant

Nicholas Bryant

Midwest Region Sales Manager

Nicholas Bryant is Verona Safety’s Sales Manager for the Midwest Territory and has 10+ years in the safety industry. Nick’s knowledge base as it...

Image for Cindy Bullion

Cindy Bullion

Product Development Assistant

Cindy Bullion-LaWarre has been a member of the Radians family for more than 3 years. As product manager for vision and hearing protection, she works...

Image for Kevin Burns

Kevin Burns


Kevin Burns is a management consultant, safety speaker and author of "The Perfect Safety Meeting" and "Running With Scissors - 10 Reasons To Invest...

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5 Reasons You Struggle with Safety Buy-In (And What to Do About It)
Image for Katharina Busch

Katharina Busch


Katharina Busch is a freelance writer, currently based in London. She regularly writes about topics such as energy, environment and travel, as ...

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Safety Risk vs. Salary: Do the UK's Deadliest Jobs Really Pay?
Image for Mark Bushey

Mark Bushey

Category Manager: KleenGuard* Industrial Apparel

Mark Bushey is a Category Manager at Kimberly-Clark Professional* (KCP) in Roswell, GA, where he manages the KleenGuard* brand industrial apparel...

Image for David Cant

David Cant


A reliable, practical advice dispenser with a brain you can pick, who cuts through red tape (with a safety blade of course)—helping businesses...

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How the Construction Industry Can Benefit from Protecting Worker Wellbeing
Image for Frank Capasso

Frank Capasso

President & Principal

Frank graduated from the University of Vermont with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management. He is an ALA (American Lighting...

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Staying Safe with Electrical Supplies: Helpful Tips and Suggested Practices
Image for Brian Carmody

Brian Carmody


Manufacturer of "StableRise", a revolutionary ergonomic table designed specifically for clinicians to work with electronic medical records while...

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Top Ergonomics Issues in the Workplace
Image for Russell Carr

Russell Carr


Russell Carr is a serial entrepreneur who founded Berg Compliance Solutions after struggling for years trying to manage EHS compliance with 3 small...

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Top 5 EHS Compliance Mistakes Small Companies Make
Image for Sherri Carriere

Sherri Carriere


Sherri Carriere has been assisting organizations in conducting successful business operations through the identification and management of risk...

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5 Key Things to Know About Flame Resistant Clothing
Image for Jeffrey Cassells

Jeffrey Cassells

Content Strategist and Consultant

Jeffrey is a content strategist and consultant for Shegerian & Associates.

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5 Realistic Ways to Address Mental Health in the Workplace
Image for Rob Chernish

Rob Chernish


A writer from Canada with firsthand experience in Oil, Gas, Mining, and environmental safety.

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Awareness vs. Complacency: The Value of Reviewing Safety Moments
Image for Lance Christensen

Lance Christensen


A visionary leader, serial entrepreneur, recruiting trailblazer, and chronic overachiever, Lance Christensen is the founder and current President of...

Image for Bryan Christiansen

Bryan Christiansen


Bryan Christiansen is the founder and CEO of Limble CMMS. Limble is a modern, easy to use mobile CMMS software that takes the stress and chaos out of...

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5 Important Tips for Designing Your Plant's Safety Program
Image for Daniel Clark

Daniel Clark

Safety and Quality Management System Specialist

Daniel Clark is the founder and President of Clark Health and Safety Ltd., providing safety and quality consultation across various industries in...

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You Produced Your First Sustainability Report. Now What?
Image for Rolly Clendening

Rolly Clendening


Rolly Clendening, national sales/product engineer for Se-Kure Domes and Mirrors in Sturgis, Mich., has worked over 25 years in the mirror industry...

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Watching Out for Dangers in the Workplace: How to Improve Visibility and Prevent Incidents
Image for Scott Coleman

Scott Coleman


Over the past five years, Scott Coleman has been partnering with large organisations and Workers’ Compensation insurance brokers/agents to...

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Preventing Manual Handling Injuries for Healthcare Workers
Image for Mesothelioma Treatment Community

Mesothelioma Treatment Community


Mesothelioma Treatment Community is dedicated to the assistance and guidance of asbestos and mesothelioma victims around the world. As the largest...

Latest Article

Mesothelioma Treatment and Prevention
Image for Tom Considine

Tom Considine


Tom Considine is Managing Director at Safety Storage Systems and a respected industry expert in the area of chemical safety and storage. Safety...

Latest Article

Top Tips for Preventing Chemical Spills in the Workplace
Image for Sam Cook

Sam Cook


Sam is a freelance writer specializing in technology, privacy, national and international news. In a former life, taught literature, grammar, speech,...

Latest Article

New Trends in Equipment to Help Outdoor Workers Beat the Heat
Image for Armand Coppotelli

Armand Coppotelli

Sr. Business Development, Technical Training

Armand Coppotelli is the Business Development Manager & Training for Deb USA, part of SC Johnson Professional. He has more than 25 years of...

Image for Corinna Cornejo

Corinna Cornejo


Corinna Cornejo is a marketing content writer and strategist who specializes in digital health, healthcare, and related topics. Her interest and...

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Key Safety Concerns Around Marijuana In The Workplace
Image for Rob Cowden

Rob Cowden

Chief Innovation Officer

Rob Cowden is the Chief Innovation Officer at Safety Plus, Inc. He holds a degree in EnvironmentalScience with an emphasis on Hazardous Material...

Latest Article

Safety Data: The Game Changer You Might Be Ignoring
Image for Terry Creason

Terry Creason

National Sales Manager

Terry is the National Sales Manager for Wise Safety & Environment.

Latest Article

Muster Points: How to Keep Your Team Safe During an Emergency
Image for Steven John Cumper

Steven John Cumper


Steven John Cumper, B.App.Sc. (Osteo.), M.Ost., is a businessman with a strong background in biomedical science and osteopathic medicine. He...

Latest Article

Emergency Response Plans for Electric Shock Incidents
Image for Mahesh Dabbada

Mahesh Dabbada

Director Program Management at GOARC

Develop and implement strategies for Industry 4.0 and advanced manufacturing technologies within Energy, Oil & Gas, and Petrochemical sectors....

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Safety and Operational Excellence with Dynamic Risk Management
Image for Tyler Davey

Tyler Davey


Tyler Davey is Chief Executive Officer for Alcumus in North America and has 20+ years of experience working across both technology and business. He...

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Democratizing Data to Keep Workers Safe
Image for Michael de Diego

Michael de Diego


With nearly twenty years of experience in the California Safety Distribution arena, Michael de Diego, Sales Manager for Industrial Safety Supply...

Latest Article

How to Perform a Lone Worker Risk Assessment
Image for Rick DeJong

Rick DeJong

Director of Engineered Solutions

I joined the IWI team in 2012 to spearhead the commercial and technical development of leading edge industrial safety products and technologies. For...

Image for Maurizio Delcaro

Maurizio Delcaro


Maurizio believes that a commitment to operational efficiency at all levels of management is the greatest factor in maximizing safety and...

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Leveling Up on Automotive Lift Inspections
Image for Mikaela Delia

Mikaela Delia


Mikaela is the blog editor for Atlantic Training, a leading re-seller of workplace safety training DVD's. She is knowledgeable in all aspect of...

Latest Article

Employee Rights - What PPE Does My Employer Need to Provide?
Image for Jason Dent

Jason Dent


Jason has fourteen (14) years of experience in the Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental fields and is well known to those in the industry in...

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Fatigue Management
Image for Charlotte DiBartolomeo

Charlotte DiBartolomeo

CEO and Founder of Red Kite Project

Charlotte DiBartolomeo, M.A.C.T. is CEO and founder of Red Kite Project, a resilience-building firm training and consulting within high-pressure...

Latest Article

Workplace Bullying: An Act of War Threatening the Health and Safety of Your Employees
Image for Felix Dion

Felix Dion

Corporate Manager Health and Safety

Corporate Manager Health and Safety

Latest Article

How Using Recognition Programs Reinforces Good HSE Behaviour
Image for Melissa Dixon

Melissa Dixon

Director of Product Management

Melissa Dixon started her career in the technical design department at National Safety Apparel in 2010. After leading the R&D department for...

Latest Article

Meeting Compliance in Women's PPE
Image for Corie Doyle

Corie Doyle

Product Development Manager

Corie is a mom, wife, daughter, sister, and friend, and keeping her family and friends safe is the foundation for her passion for safety.She began...

Latest Article

Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Ground - Limited Quantities Exemption 1.17
Image for Gordon Dupont

Gordon Dupont


Gordon Dupont "The Father of the Dirty Dozen"Gordon worked for Transport Canada from March 1993 to August 1999 as a Special Programs Coordinator. In...

Latest Article

Safety Review: What It Is and Why We Need It
Image for Renée Dupont-Adam

Renée Dupont-Adam


Renée Dupont-Adam is the President and a Co-Facilitator of “Human Factors Training for System Safety Services in Vancouver, Canada.

Image for Danielle Elliott

Danielle Elliott

Product Marketing Manager

As the Product Marketing Manager at Intelex, Danielle leverages almost 10 years of enterprise software experience to deliver leading health and...

Latest Article

Making Major Improvements with Marginal Gains in Safety
Image for Gabe Encarnacion

Gabe Encarnacion

Vice President

Gabe serves as Vice President of Bennett-Bowen & Lighthouse in Los Angeles, California managing operations and strategic planning. He joined BBL...

Latest Article

What You Should Know About Using Calibration Gases
Image for Brian Endres

Brian Endres

National Sales Specialist

Brian Endres is a National Sales Specialist for Verona Safety Supply and has been with the company for 2 years.Brian attended college at University...

Image for Brian Evans

Brian Evans

National Sales Manager- Industrial & Safety

Brian Evans is a floor matting specialist with over 10 years’ experience in the Industrial/Safety & Material Handling Industries. He started his...

Latest Article

Safety Mats: The Easiest Safety Decision You Will Ever Make
Image for Rachael Everly

Rachael Everly


Rachael Everly is an undergraduate student who loves to write on the topics related business,finance and education. Follow @Rachael Everly for...

Latest Article

A Holistic View of On-site Construction Hazards and How to Prevent Them
Image for Rick Farrell

Rick Farrell


Rick Farrell is North America’s foremost expert in improving manufacturing group communication, education, training, and group hospitality...

Latest Article

The Importance of Effective Communication in Workplace Safety
Image for Murray Ferguson

Murray Ferguson


Murray Ferguson, Director at Pro-Sapien Software, has a rounded business and IT background gained through working with international businesses over...

Latest Article

Black Box Thinking: What the Health and Safety Industry Should Learn from Aviation
Image for Ken Fichtler

Ken Fichtler

Founder and CEO

Ken Fichtler is the founder and CEO of Gaize, a real-time impairment detection platform. Gaize analyzes ocular changes to discover impairment...

Latest Article

What the New Cannabis Legislations Mean for Your Workplace Drug Policy
Image for Erin Flannery

Erin Flannery

Owner/Sales Manager

My name is Erin Flannery and I am a third-generation Owner and Vice President of B-Lann Equipment.My grandfather and grandmother started this...

Image for Catheline Fontaine

Catheline Fontaine


Raised primarily in a Northern Alberta mining town, I was exposed to industry and entered the workforce at a young age. I gained experience in fire...

Latest Article

12 Types of Hand Protection Gloves (and How to Choose the Right One)
Image for Matthew Gavia

Matthew Gavia

Regional Sales Manager Western U.S.

Bringing more than 19 years of sales and management experience, Matthew manages the Western United States safety sales and its network of sales...

Image for Melissa Gerhardt

Melissa Gerhardt

Product Manager: FR Clothing, Arc Flash PPE

I have been with National Safety Apparel since 2010 and have enjoyed the opportunity to grow with the company. In my previous role of Technical...

Latest Article

4 Problems with Traditional Arc Flash Head Protection
Image for Toni-Louise Gianatti

Toni-Louise Gianatti

Content Manager

Toni-Louise Gianatti is Content Manager for Soter Analytics, a global safety science company producing AI supported wearable solutions that reduce...

Latest Article

How Wearables Can Change Behavior and Reduce Ergonomic Injuries
Image for Elliot Gion

Elliot Gion

Sr. Manager, North America Sales Training Ansell

Elliott leads sales training for all Ansell business units across North America and brings the perfect balance as a career sales professional with...

Image for Jaime Glas

Jaime Glas

Brand Specialist

Jaime Glas graduated from Louisiana State University in 2012 with bachelor’s degrees in petroleum engineering and international trade and...

Image for CJ Golay

CJ Golay


C.J. Golay, vice president and chief executive officer of Rocky Mountain Industrial Supply, believes in bringing quality product and first class...

Image for Gina Gould

Gina Gould

Content Writer & Marketing Strategist

Gina is a freelance writer and content marketing strategist. She primarily works with B2B companies in the safety and industrial markets.

Latest Article

Confined Spaces: Top 4 Hazards You Aren't Aware Of
Image for Paula Graney

Paula Graney


Paula Graney is the Safety Sales Manager-East for Speakman, a company that specializes in bath and shower products, including emergency equipment.

Latest Article

Emergency Shower and Eyewash ANSI Z358.1 Compliant Facility Surveys: Why You Should Request One
Image for Marion Grant

Marion Grant

Senior Copywriter at Northern Safety Co., Inc.

Since joining Northern Safety & Industrial in 1999, Marion Grant has been writing about the importance of safety in the workplace. By keeping the...

Latest Article

Protecting Your Hearing on the Job: The 5 Principles of Hearing Protection
Image for Natalie Griffith

Natalie Griffith


Natalie Griffith is a Process Mobilization Expert who draws on her business and teaching backgrounds to understand her clients’ needs and goals and...

Latest Article

What Makes a Good Safety Inspection Form?
Image for DCM Group

DCM Group

DCM- Admin

DCM delivers effective industrial and commercial fabrication, construction, maintenance and shutdown services.

Latest Article

Certification Versus Competency: What's the Difference?
Image for RVT Group

RVT Group


RVT Group is dedicated to protecting people’s health on site with effective temporary-environment control. From the issues of air control,...

Latest Article

Construction Dust: The Risk to Health and How to Create a Safer Working Environment
Image for Whitelight Group

Whitelight Group


With ever-increasing options, trends, and requirements, it’s our job to act as advocates to our clients, recommending only the solutions that provide...

Latest Article

The Case for Wearables in the Construction Industry
Image for Brandon Hagen

Brandon Hagen

Vice President - Distributor Relations & Education

Brandon Hagen began his career as the National Accounts Manager for EMIT Technologies, a manufacturer of emissions control equipment for industrial...

Image for Wayne J. Harris

Wayne J. Harris


A dedicated and diligent senior HSEQ specialist with over 32 year’s international experience gained working in multi-disciplined, multicultural...

Latest Article

Simple and Easy Employee Engagement Ideas for Improving OHS
Image for Brian Harrison

Brian Harrison


Brian Harrison leads marketing efforts for DGI Communications, a print, audio/visual, technology and signage leader. Brian has over two decades...

Latest Article

Safety Benefits of Using Sound Masking in the Office
Image for Christopher Hart

Christopher Hart


Christopher A. Hart is acting chair of National Transportation Safety Board. His previous government service includes positions as deputy...

Latest Article

Distraction, Fatigue & Impairment: What Any Safety Professional Can Do
Image for Nikki Heinkel

Nikki Heinkel

Marketing Manager

Nikki Heinkel is the Marketing Manager for Go Fan Yourself, a company that manufacturers patent-pending industrial high-volume, low speed fans for...

Latest Article

The Dangers of Sweating Slab Syndrome
Image for Bob Henderson

Bob Henderson


Bob Henderson is President of GfG Instrumentation, Inc. in Ann Arbor, Michigan.Robert has been a member of the American Industrial Hygiene...

Image for Dan Henn

Dan Henn

Vice-Chairman, ANSI/ASSP Z359 Accredited Standards Committee & Vice President of Operations
Image for Brad Hestbak

Brad Hestbak


Brad is a writer, content developer, and business consultant. His work focuses on enhancing the capacity of individuals, businesses, not-for-profits,...

Latest Article

5 Ways to Use Floor Marking Tape on the Job Site
Image for Justin Higgins

Justin Higgins


Justin is the Director of Customer Acquisition at Canvas.Justin is a hard-working and sincere individual. He gives everything his best effort and...

Image for Dylan Hipple

Dylan Hipple

Senior Implementation Consultant at HammerTech

Latest Article

How Planning and Worker Engagement Can Reduce Your Operational Costs
Image for Patrick Hogan

Patrick Hogan

CEO of

Patrick Hogan is the CEO of, where they build software that helps contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers with late payments....

Latest Article

Disaster Preparedness in Construction: 5 Tips for Construction Site Managers
Image for Andrew Hogben

Andrew Hogben

Vice President – North America

Co-Founder & VP Client Relations – North American for HammerTech

Latest Article

Using Online Safety Management to Transform On-site Processes
Image for Didi Horn

Didi Horn

Founder & CEO

Serving with the Air Force for nearly a decade, as both a captain and drone pilot, Didi's work in drone operations would give him profound...

Latest Article

How to Improve Pipeline Safety Management with Aerial Data
Image for Ben Howard

Ben Howard


Ben is a third-year mechanical engineering student at the University of Western Australia specialising in engineering design and fluid mechanics....

Latest Article

Preventative Maintenance in Hydraulic Systems: Dealing with Wear and Tear to Improve Safety and Increase Profit
Image for Steve Howards

Steve Howards


Steve has been writing legal-centric articles for several years now. He started working with thepersonal injury attorney law firm Herrig & Vogt...

Latest Article

What Every Employer Must Know About Hazardous Workplace Injuries
Image for Angela Hughes

Angela Hughes


Angela Hughes is a writer and editor for Anapol Weiss, a personal injury law firm. She writes about driving safety and personal safety tips to keep...

Latest Article

Commuting to Work? 6 Ways to Avoid Standstill Accidents
Image for Eddie Hurst

Eddie Hurst

Sales Manager

Eddie has been passionate about the manufacture of compliant hazardous chemical storage buildings for more than 14 years. Serving as a Sales Engineer...

Image for CanQual Inc.

CanQual Inc.


Patrick Robinson is the founder and President of CQ Network, CQN Advantage, and RISC Management Inc., Alberta-based technology companies that...

Latest Article

Safety Talks #11 - InVisible Leadership with Robert Pater
Image for Safety Products Inc. Staff

Safety Products Inc. Staff


Come check out our profile page to read more great content!Safety Products Inc provides a safety partnership with all of the companies we do business...

Latest Article

Confined Spaces in Construction
Image for Saf-T-Gard International

Saf-T-Gard International

Internal Experts

Since its founding in 1936 as Latex Glove Manufacturing Company, Saf-T-Gard International, Inc. has been supplying personal protective equipment to...

Latest Article

Why You Should Give More Thought to Rubber Insulating PPE
Image for Nikolaus Jakubinek

Nikolaus Jakubinek

Health and Safety Manager

Nikolaus Jakubinek is an established health and safety manager, skilled in the delivery of programs and policies. His experiences range from the...

Latest Article

7 Things to Know About Choosing the Right PPE for the Job
Image for Jill James

Jill James

Chief Safety Officer

Jill James brings an unrivaled perspective on risk, regulation and liability. With 12 years of experience as a Senior OSHA Safety Investigator with...

Latest Article

Get Your CEO to Support Safety with the Curve Approach
Image for Ronda Johnson

Ronda Johnson

Product Portfolio Manager, North America

Ronda Johnson has a bachelor’s degree in biology from Montclair State University and an MBA from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey...

Image for Bridget Johnson

Bridget Johnson

Lead Nurturing Manager

Bridget is detail oriented and strives to understand processes and technical attributes behind a smooth system. From working in the medical field,...

Latest Article

Empowering Your Whole Team to Improve Safety
Image for Colin Johnstone

Colin Johnstone


As a Marketing Writer at ProntoForms, Colin is responsible for writing informative and engaging content about the opportunities presented by...

Latest Article

Technology Adoption in the Workplace: Top 3 Myths Debunked
Image for Derek Jones

Derek Jones


Derek spearheads key initiatives at Deputy, a global workforce management platform for employee scheduling, timesheets, and communication. With a...

Latest Article

7 Ways to Create a Healthy Working Environment for Construction Teams
Image for Safety Justice League

Safety Justice League


The #safetyjusticeleague is a team of four dedicated safety professionals who aim to seek and share knowledge about what keeps people safe at work....

Image for Charles Kaelin

Charles Kaelin


Dr. Charles R. Kaelin received his medical degree from the University of Louisville, Kentucky, and completed his orthopedic training at Orlando...

Latest Article

Treating and Preventing the Most Common Workplace Orthopedic Injuries
Image for Dennis Kaminski

Dennis Kaminski


Dennis Kaminski is the owner of Safetymart. SafetyMart helps customers ranging from private businesses to government/municipal agencies, both large...

Latest Article

Avoiding Injury: Reasons for Using the Correct Safety Equipment
Image for Franco Karas

Franco Karas

Director of Sales

Experienced Sales Director with a demonstrated history of working in the logistics and supply chain industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Operations...

Image for Bob Kelsey

Bob Kelsey

Glove Product Manager

Bob Kelsey has been in the safety business for over 30 years. Having been both a buyer and seller of PPE products, he possesses a well-rounded and...

Latest Article

Trends and Technologies in Making Cut Protective Gloves Truly Comfortable
Image for Mauriah Lamia

Mauriah Lamia

Content and Social Media Manager

Mauriah Lamia, Content Marketing at AccuformMauriah performs industry research to educate others about products, markets, and standards/regulations....

Latest Article

Safety Identification: How to Choose the Right Sign Material
Image for Doug Lara

Doug Lara

President, AGS Safety & Supply

Doug Lara has been a part of the safety industry for over 30 years. He has many accomplishments—business owner, guest speaker at various...

Latest Article

Everything You Need to Know About Sorbents
Image for Dave Larimer

Dave Larimer

VP of Industrial Sales Radians

Dave Larimer joined the Radians team in 2007 after working in the industrial sales industry for several decades. He has been responsible for regional...

Image for Adel Lawson

Adel Lawson

Managing Partner

Adel is Managing Partner at Demoura Lawson Consulting and former Vice Chair of IOSH Qatar. He is a dynamic HSE professional with experience in...

Latest Article

Behavior-Based Safety - Can it Really Make a Difference?
Image for Mesothelioma Lawyer Center

Mesothelioma Lawyer Center


For over 20 years, the Mesothelioma Lawyer Center has helped mesothelioma and asbestos victims locate the top mesothelioma lawyers in their area.

Latest Article

Employer Liability for Asbestos Exposure
Image for Scott Laxton

Scott Laxton

PPE Industry Veteran

Scott Laxton is a PPE industry veteran with more than 28-years of experience in Product Development, Marketing, Purchasing & Sales.

Latest Article

6 Jobs That Call for Disposable Clothing
Image for Josh LeBrun

Josh LeBrun

President and Chief Operating Officer

Josh LeBrun is President and COO of eCompliance, a leading provider of EHS management solutions designed to improve worker participation in safety....

Image for Dale Lesinski

Dale Lesinski

Vice President of Sales & Training

Dale is the Vice President of Sales & Training for DiVal Safety Equipment in Buffalo, NY. He has been a Keynote & featured speaker at the NSC...

Latest Article

Forklift Safety for Pedestrians: 4 Tips for Improving Your Visibility
Image for Chad Lilley

Chad Lilley

Lead Coach

Chad Lilley is a stand out specialist in behavioural safety, culture development, coaching and public speaking, with a track record of influencing...

Latest Article

Creating a Behavioral Safety Program
Image for Mats Lindeberg

Mats Lindeberg


Mats is the Communications Manager for ProntoForms, a native Swede, and an avid gadget fan. As a former journalist, he enjoys writing stories about...

Latest Article

Staying Safe on the Construction Site with Mobility-Based Processes
Image for Christy Linn

Christy Linn


Christy Linn, Vice President, Business Development and Finance, co-founded SOAR Solutions in June 2012 to offer customers a comprehensive solution...

Latest Article

Beyond Compliance: Four Ways to Help Create a Safer Work Environment for Your Drivers
Image for Heather Lomax

Heather Lomax


Heather Lomax is a contributing writer and media relations specialist for Training Network. She writes articles for various safety blogs, offering...

Latest Article

3 Tips to Promote Construction Safety
Image for Kevin Lombardo

Kevin Lombardo

CEO & President

Kevin leads the strategy development and expansion plans for DORN and oversees the company’s focus on developing innovative solutions, with an...

Latest Article

Implementing Virtual Ergonomics to Prevent Remote Worker Injuries
Image for John Losey

John Losey

Owner and Founder of The BP Group

John Losey is the owner and founder of The BP Group, an HVAC maintenance company located in Glendale, New York. His personal areas of expertise cover...

Latest Article

Why HVAC Winterization Is Important for Health and Safety
Image for Matt Luman

Matt Luman

Product Marketing Manager

Matt Luman is our EHS Product Marketing Manager at He is an OSHA-authorized Outreach Trainer for General Industry and Construction.

Latest Article

How to Prevent Fall Protection Equipment Malfunction
Image for Daniel Lummis

Daniel Lummis

Digital Marketer

Daniel is a content marketer working for Digital Monopoly in Perth WA. A bit of a geek in his spare time, he is loathe to discuss himself in the...

Latest Article

Working in Confined Spaces? You Need the Right Training
Image for Conor Lyons

Conor Lyons


I am one of the head writers for Site King, a PPE and workwear retail store based in the UK. We pride ourselves on providing high quality workwear...

Latest Article

Why Quality Work Pants Matter More Than You Think
Image for Mitch M

Mitch M


Mitch is a founder at ContinuSys, a company that develops an Integrated BusinessManagement system (IBMS) for Australian and New Zealand enterprises...

Image for Art Maat

Art Maat

President & CEO

In his founding role as President & CEO of Nektar Data Systems Art is responsible for supervising the products and services that the company offers....

Latest Article

Predictive Modeling and Its Role in Safety Prevention on the Job Site
Image for Kent Macfarlane

Kent Macfarlane


It doesn't matter how large or small your company is, as an employer you, your workplace, and your workers must be in compliance with the B. C....

Image for Hector Maggi

Hector Maggi

Managing Director

Hector knows firsthand the challenges of working in Explosive Environments. For the past 12 years, he has worked with Industry Professionals in ways...

Latest Article

Choosing the Right Tools for Working in Explosive Work Environments
Image for Kevin Majewski

Kevin Majewski

Account Manager

Kevin Majewski (ASP) has been with Safety Plus Inc since 2013. He currently serves as an Account Manager at Safety Plus where he supports the safety...

Latest Article

6 Ways Regular Safety Meetings Decrease Incidents and Keep Employees Safe
Image for Jason Maldonado

Jason Maldonado

Owner -

Jason Maldonado has spent the past 15 years working in Safety and Health roles throughout a variety of industries. Beginning as an explosive safety...

Image for Sarah Manielly

Sarah Manielly

Marketing Specialist

An ethusiastic, outgoing marketing and sales professional, armed with outstanding interpersonal skills and strong talents in building rapport. Takes...

Image for Carl Mannion

Carl Mannion

Health and Safety Consultant

Delivering savings and efficiency to the business

Latest Article

The Certifications that Will Help You Advance Your Safety Career Internationally and in the UK
Image for Shawn Mantel

Shawn Mantel


Shawn Mantel started his industrial career as part of two startup companies in the T-Slotted extrusion and machine safety guarding market. He grew...

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Roof Safety: An Elevated Hazard
Image for Paul Marketos

Paul Marketos

Director and Co-Founder of IsoMetrix

Paul Marketos is the Director and Co-Founder of IsoMetrix. He has been working alongside high risk organizations such as mining companies for over 20...

Latest Article

6 Tips for Making Your Work Environment Safer
Image for Matt Mauney

Matt Mauney


Matt Mauney is a writer at The Mesothelioma Center and, an organization and website dedicated to helping families affected by...

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Top 5 Ways Industrial Workers Can Avoid Asbestos Exposure
Image for Chris McCarty

Chris McCarty


Enviro Safety Products is an online retailer of Safety Products. Our greater company has multiple divisions offering Safety Products, First Aid...

Image for Brian McFadden

Brian McFadden

Technical Writer / Compliance Specialist

Brian McFadden is a Compliance Specialist and Technical Writer with Graphic Products. Brian has been certified by OSHA for completion of its 30-hour...

Latest Article

Six Things You May Not Know About Pipe Marking Safety
Image for Timothy McFarlain, COSS, OSHT, ASHM

Timothy McFarlain, COSS, OSHT, ASHM


I have worked in the Oil and Gas industry for 14 years. Of this time, 10 years have been as a Site Safety Manager at client petrochemical...

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Why Creating a Safety Culture Is Better Than Relying on Compliance
Image for Molly McGuane

Molly McGuane


Molly McGuane is a communications professional for the MAA center. Molly is an advocate for victims of asbestos-related disease and those who are...

Latest Article

The Most At-Risk Occupations for Asbestos Exposure
Image for Andrew McKenzie, CRSP

Andrew McKenzie, CRSP

Environmental Health & Safety Professional

Environmental Health and Safety Professional with 20+ years of Occupational Health, Safety, Environmental and Hygiene experience in various...

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Why Do You Need a Safety Management System (SMS)?
Image for Bryan McWhorter

Bryan McWhorter

Lead Safety Advisor, Author, Writer, Speaker

Bryan McWhorter is a safety professional with eight years of experience in driving and teaching safety. Bryan gained his knowledge and experience as...

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From Safety First to People First: The Next Evolution in Safety
Image for Bongarde Media

Bongarde Media


Since 1929, Bongarde has been providing companies, industry associations and government organizations with the practical compliance and training...

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Can You Require Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination for Workplace Entry?
Image for Linda Miller

Linda Miller


Linda established EWI Works in 1991 & has extensive experience in large-scale ergonomic projects involving design reviews & training. Industries...

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Considerations When Introducing Sit Stand Work Stations
Image for Rick Molson

Rick Molson


Proven background of co-developing, updating, and implementing a wide range of OH&S programming specific to the occupational and process safety...

Image for Addison Moore

Addison Moore

Director of Marketing

Addison has spent the last four years learning from and engaging in the Health & Safety industry. Hehas attended numerous EHS conferences, trade...

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Building an Effective Safety Leadership Team for EHS Management
Image for Eric Morris

Eric Morris

Intelex Practice Manager - Health & Safety

Eric Morris brings more than ten years of experience in safety management and risk mitigation systems. With a history working across multiple sectors...

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Your Incentives Are Compromising Safety Culture
Image for Dakota Murphey

Dakota Murphey

Independent Content Writer

Dakota Murphey is an independent content writer and (BA Hons) marketing graduate. Since finding her passion for business and a love of beautiful...

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Debunking 6 Common Fire Sprinkler Myths
Image for Graeme Murphy

Graeme Murphy

VP of Business Strategy and Development

Graeme Murphy serves on the executive leadership team of SixAxis and is vice president of business strategy and development for SixAxis.

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5 Things the Safest Industrial Facilities Have in Common
Image for Dionne Murray

Dionne Murray

Sr. Product Manager – High Visibility and Rainwear

Dionne brings more than thirty years of experience in safety product knowledge and training. Starting in the family business, Safety & Supply...

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How to Ensure Outdoor Worker Visibility
Image for Yasmine Mustafa

Yasmine Mustafa

Co-Founder & CEO

Yasmine Mustafa is the CEO and Co-Founder of ROAR, a technology company dedicated to cultivating safer workplaces. The company’s patented...

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Using Technology to Protect Employees from Workplace Violence
Image for Doug Myette, P.Eng.

Doug Myette, P.Eng.


Graduated 1992, Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineer.Experienced in engineering design, manufacturing and project management in a variety of...

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CSA Class E4 vs. Class E6 Personal Energy Absorber (PEA)
Image for Sarah Neal

Sarah Neal


Sarah Neal is President of Vital ID Inc.

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The Strategic and Operational Benefits of Personal Emergency ID
Image for Matt Neidhart

Matt Neidhart

Corporate Communications Specialist

Corporate Communications Specialist at DiVal Safety Equipment, Inc.

Image for Alsie Nelson

Alsie Nelson

Product Director

Come check out my professional profile here to see more articles I've writtenAlsie Nelson has spent three of her nine professional years in product...

Image for Pete Nemmers, CSM

Pete Nemmers, CSM

Director of Training Development

Pete Nemmers has been with the National Association of Safety Professionals for nearly four years as the Director of Training Development and has...

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Certifications vs. Certificates: What's the Difference?
Image for Violetta Njunina

Violetta Njunina

Head of Sales

Violetta Njunina is the Head of Sales at FoodDocs and an experienced restaurant and event manager with a demonstrated history of working in the food...

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4 Major Food Safety Hazards Restaurant Owners Need to Avoid
Image for Youssef Nohra, Ph.D.

Youssef Nohra, Ph.D.

EHS, Environmental & ESG, and Content Manager

Youssef Nohra is a previous environmental scientist and, combined with his industrial experience, he has developed skills and knowledge in EHS and...

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How to Track Your ESG Performance
Image for Nicole Novick

Nicole Novick

Product Champion

Product ManagerNicoleNovick has over 24 years of experience in apparel development and marketing and more than 14 years in the Industrial Safety...

Image for Justin O’Sullivan

Justin O’Sullivan


Justin O’Sullivan is a safety writer, warehouse safety expert, and SEMA approved racking inspector. Through his company, Storage Equipment Experts,...

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Top 5 Tips for Warehouse and Racking Safety
Image for Billy O'Brien CIOSH

Billy O'Brien CIOSH


A proven track record in Health & Safety having spent the last 15 years working at different aspects of the profession, focusing on Management,...

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'Tis the Season to Be Careful: Office Holiday Decoration Safety
Image for Chris O'Donnell

Chris O'Donnell

Product Manager for Hearing Protection

Chris O’Donnell, the Radians Product Manager for hearing protection, has over two decades of experience wearing a multitude of hats in sales,...

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How to Combat Fogging, the Number One Complaint from Safety Eyewear Users
Image for James O'Dwyer

James O'Dwyer

Master Instructor

With over 20 years invested in safety and training, James O’Dwyer’s professional background reads like an industry dream: 18 years of...

Latest Article

New Hydrogen Sulfide Regulations: What You Need to Know
Image for Liam OhUiginn

Liam OhUiginn


Liam OhUiginn has over 10 years’ experience in supply chain logistics and spent the past 5 years with ProntoForms transforming business processes...

Latest Article

How Do Digital Forms Surpass Paper Forms in the Support of Health and Safety?
Image for Andy Olson

Andy Olson

Product Director

Andy Olson is responsible for the protection product pillar and serves as the company's ISEA representative on the hi-vis apparel, hand protection,...




HAZWOPER OSHA Training is a recognized leader in safety and compliance training. Our strength has been the ability to realize and fulfill the...

Latest Article

Training Supports the Safe Shipment of Lithium Batteries
Image for Elizabeth Pattimore

Elizabeth Pattimore


I have been in the safety field for 18 years. I was born in Toronto, Ontario and moved to Fort McMurray, Alberta in the early 1980's before oil...

Latest Article

How to Put Together a Safety Program for Working at Heights
Image for DuPont Personal Protection

DuPont Personal Protection


The world is changing rapidly. As more nations become industrialized and prosper, they develop a greater need for personal protective equipment. From...

Latest Article

10 Safety Tips for Mold Cleanup and Remediation Tasks
Image for Marija Petrushevska

Marija Petrushevska

Content Writer

Marija Petrushevska is a content writer at Shortlister. She enjoys writing SEO content, includingarticles and guest posts on HR, wellness, and...

Latest Article

Engaging Employees in Sustainable Workplace Initiatives
Image for Jim Petrusich

Jim Petrusich

Senior Consultant for GoArc

Jim Petrusich is a senior consultant for GoArc, a software company focused on enabling the Connected Worker. He co-authored Industry 4.0 for Process...

Latest Article

How Industry 4.0 Is Transforming Process Safety
Image for Michael Phibbs

Michael Phibbs


Michael (Mike) Phibbs is a Certified Industrial Hygienist by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene and Registered Occupational Hygienist by the...

Image for Tim Povtak

Tim Povtak


Tim Povtak is an award-winning writer and journalist with more than three decades of experience. He spent most of his career at the Orlando Sentinel...

Latest Article

Top 5 Ways for Power Plant Workers to Avoid Asbestos Exposure
Image for Steve Prentice

Steve Prentice


Steve Prentice is a project manager and a specialist in productivity and technology in the workplace. Much of his work focuses on techniques for...

Latest Article

An Overview of Self-Retracting Fall Protection Devices
Image for CDC Prevention

CDC Prevention


CDC works 24/7 to protect America from health, safety and security threats, both foreign and in the U.S. Whether diseases start at home or abroad,...

Latest Article

Workers and Heat Stress: What You Need to Know
Image for CoreTex Products

CoreTex Products


We offer a complete line of complementary skin care products specially formulated to keep you protected while being outdoors.This includes everything...

Latest Article

Strengthen Your First Line of Defense: Why Your Skin Needs More Protection
Image for Graphic Products

Graphic Products


Graphic Products is the home of DuraLabel industrial printers and is an innovative leader, providing solutions for safety and visual communication....

Latest Article

10 Rules for Forklift Safety Infographic
Image for Rick Provost

Rick Provost


Thirty-plus years of executive experience and entrepreneurism in construction, franchising and information management. Strategic and operations...

Latest Article

How to Effectively Manage a Sub-Contractor Safety Advisor
Image for Ryan Quiring

Ryan Quiring


Ryan got his start in technology shortly out of high school by taking Electronics Systems Engineering. With this training he was setup to start in...

Latest Article

Using EHS Data to Make Changes to Health and Safety Programs
Image for Mohammad Rabbi

Mohammad Rabbi


Mohammad Rabbi is the general manager at Karnaphuli Sportswear and West Wing of Youngone Group, CEPZ, where he leads administration and human...

Image for Rick Raether

Rick Raether

Sr. Vice President-Sales & Marketing

Latest Article

Safety Vests: The Best Choice for YOUR Job
Image for Chris Ramey

Chris Ramey


Chris joined ProntoForms in 2015 as a Content Marketing Writer, chomping at the bit to convey the power of mobility in field operations.

Latest Article

Eliminating Paper Combats EHS Staffing Shortages
Image for Jim Redovian

Jim Redovian

Director of Industrial Sales
Image for Luke Rees

Luke Rees


Luke is a blogger from the UK who writes about health and safety issues on behalf of H&S consultants, Arinite.

Latest Article

Health and Safety Fines vs. the Cost of Compliance
Image for James Rennie

James Rennie


James Rennie had a long career in natural resource management that led to him establish one of the first drone companies in Australia, Australian UAV...

Latest Article

How to Use Drones to Improve Workplace Safety
Image for Krystle Richardson

Krystle Richardson


Krystle is a journalist and content writer with Mahines4U magazine. She has a background in injury management at WorkCover Queensland where she...

Latest Article

Staying Safe When Attached: Forklift Safety with Attachments
Image for Richard A. Rivkin

Richard A. Rivkin


Richard A. Rivkin is President and Chief Executive Officer of Saf-T-Gard International, Inc., a privately-held family-owned and operated global...

Latest Article

Identify, Verify, and Comply: The 3 Pillars of a Successful Electrical Safety Program
Image for Loren Rivkin

Loren Rivkin


Come check out my professional profile here

Image for Fred Romig

Fred Romig

HAZMAT Subject Matter Expert & Consultant

For the past two years, Fred Romig has served as a hazmat consultant with U.S. Chemical Storage. His experience in the industry spans several decades...

Image for Brad Rosen

Brad Rosen

Business Development & Purchasing

Brad joined Broner Glove & Safety in 2009 as Purchasing Manager. He is primarily responsible for sourcing, inventory and product management in...

Latest Article

3 Risks Your Fall Arrest Planning May Overlook
Image for James Roughton

James Roughton


Experienced Safety Professional with an in-depth knowledge in the use of Social Media to help improve productivity. Expertise incorporates digital...

Image for Jack Rubinger

Jack Rubinger


Jack Rubinger has 10+ years of experience writing about workplace safety, construction, lean manufacturing, warehouse management, visual...

Latest Article

Top 10 Tips for Increasing Warehouse Safety
Image for Leif Sandberg

Leif Sandberg


Experienced, knowledgeable and engaged HSE professional with a unique background on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Latest Article

A Moment on Safety Moments
Image for Jacinta Sarpkaya

Jacinta Sarpkaya


Jacinta joined ProntoForms in 2014 as a Technical Documentation Writer with a keen interest in business processes. After earning her BA Honors from...

Latest Article

How to Build a Sustainable Safety Culture
Image for Chad Schmidt

Chad Schmidt

Business Development Manager - Western Canada

Please check out my Professional Profile here. This is where you can see all the other content I've written.I moved from Saskatoon to Edmonton in...

Latest Article

7 Things to Consider Before Entering a Confined Space
Image for Michael Schoonover

Michael Schoonover

VP Marketing

Mike Schoonover is Vice President of Marketing for Lakeland Industries, a global manufacturer of protective apparel. Mike has over 25 years of B2B...

Latest Article

3 Ways Moisture-Wicking, Flame-Resistant Fabrics Can Improve Workplace Safety
Image for TJ Scimone

TJ Scimone


TJ Scimone founded Slice, Inc. in 2008. His priority is design, innovation, and safety in cutting tools. The result is a unique line of tools...

Latest Article

Hand Safety at Work Starts in Your Head
Image for Mark Scott

Mark Scott

VP Marketing

Mark Scott brings more than 20 years of marketing experience to the leadership team at ProntoForms. He has written multiple white papers on the topic...

Image for Dirk Seis

Dirk Seis

Director of Marketing

Please come and check out my Professional Profile hereDirk has expertise in industrial business development through distribution and B2B. He's a...

Image for Alex Selwitz

Alex Selwitz


Alex Selwitz is the Director of SEO for Red Stag Fulfillment, an eCommerce fulfillment warehouse that was born out of eCommerce. He has years of...

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How to Optimize Warehouse Layout and Design for Safe Operations
Image for Curtis Serna

Curtis Serna


Curtis possesses a deep sales and marketing leadership background, fostering collaborative team-work and individual development, with a focus on...

Image for Jonathan Sharp

Jonathan Sharp


Jonathan Sharp is the CFO of Environmental Litigation Group, P.C., a law firm based in Birmingham, Alabama, focused on helping workers and...

Latest Article

Toxic Heavy Metals and Occupational Cancer Risks
Image for Jack Shaw

Jack Shaw

Writer & Editor

Jack Shaw, senior editor of Modded, is a respected authority on industry and business strategies.

Latest Article

Exploring Safer, Sustainable Alternatives to Hazardous Chemicals
Image for Burk Shaw

Burk Shaw


Burk is President of Medsafe, La Porte, TX. He joined Medsafe in 1990 after graduating from Stephen F. Austin State University with BBA in Finance...

Latest Article

Fall Arrest Systems: Can You Tie Off at Your Feet?
Image for Vania Silva

Vania Silva


Vania works alongside Mr. Jeffrey Feldman at Electrocution Lawyers PLLC - Law Offices of Jeffrey H. Feldman. The law firm specializes in...

Latest Article

What You Need to Know About Electric Shock Drowning (ESD)
Image for Calvin G Simpson

Calvin G Simpson


A passion for life and enriching experience has fueled my drive to ensure we all go home safe at the end of a work day. I am in this world to create...

Image for Henry Skjerven

Henry Skjerven


Mr. Skjerven has consulted professionally for over 27 years, with extensive Canadian experience, literally from coast to coast but with a home base...

Latest Article

Using Machine Guards to Improve Industrial Manufacturing Safety
Image for Michael Smeaton

Michael Smeaton


Michael “Mike” Smeaton serves as President of the SafetyNetwork. He has over 39 years of experience in the industrial safety marketplace....

Image for Craig Smidt

Craig Smidt

Marketing Director

Craig is a marketing professional with nearly 20 years of experience. He has been with Moldex for the past 9 years working within Marketing, Project...

Image for Debbie Smith

Debbie Smith

Rainwear Product Manager

Debbie Smith is the dedicated Radians Product Manager for rainwear. She is an accomplished management professional with over 23 years of...

Image for Jada Solutions

Jada Solutions


JADA Solutions (HSE) Inc. was established in September 2007, as a Health, Safety and Environmental consulting firm, offering specialized services in...

Latest Article

Office Health and Safety
Image for Safeopedia Staff

Safeopedia Staff


At Safeopedia, we think safety professionals are unsung superheroes in many workplaces. We aim to support and celebrate these professionals and the...

Latest Article

12 Quick Tips for Reducing Accidents and Creating a Safer Workplace
Image for Del Stevens

Del Stevens


Del Stevens is an independent consultant engaged in training and education in a wide range of disciplines. With an international client list in...

Latest Article

Why Safety Moments Matter
Image for Jeremy Stiehl

Jeremy Stiehl


Jeremy Stiehl is currently a health and safety officer in the environmental remediation field. He started and runs the website www.safetytalkideas...

Latest Article

How to Improve Your Company's Safety Program with the 'Getting Things Done' Framework and the Pareto Principle
Image for Laura Surowiec

Laura Surowiec


Laura Surowiec is a Client Service Consultant for Medgate providing implementation and consulting services.

Latest Article

Near Misses: What They Are and Why You Should Report Them
Image for Mark Tartaglia

Mark Tartaglia

Safety Expert

Mark Tartaglia, MSPH, CIH has almost thirty years of experience working in the occupational and environmental health and safety (OEHS) field,...

Latest Article

Spray Painting? Keep Yourself Protected
Image for Josh Thacker

Josh Thacker

Technical Sales Specialist

Josh Thacker is one of Concept Controls Technical sales specialists, managing the GTA and Northern and Eastern Ontario.

Latest Article

The Dangers of Gas in a Confined Space
Image for Emma Theresa

Emma Theresa


Emma Theresa is a freelance writer and blogger from the Midwest.

Latest Article

Fall into Safe Energy, Heating, and Weather Preparedness Habits
Image for Steve Theunissen

Steve Theunissen


I am a passionate writer who strives to engage the reader with the power and beauty of language. A life-long learner with the ability to adapt and...

Image for Tracey Thibeau

Tracey Thibeau

Safety Consultant

Tracey is an experienced International Trainer and an Accredited Instructor with IATA (International Air Transport Association) having taught in...

Image for Julie Tilley CRSP, EP, CTech

Julie Tilley CRSP, EP, CTech


Julie is a co-founder & Safety Professional at Workforce Compliance Safety Ltd. Her current focus is developing comprehensive safety programs for...

Latest Article

The Rise of Safety e-Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Image for Bob Toth

Bob Toth

Industrial and Fire Territory Manager

Bob is the Industrial and Fire territory manager for Ohio and Western Pa, Bob joined Pro-Am Safety in January of 2005 and is in his 25th year of...

Image for Chris Triplett

Chris Triplett


Chris Triplett is the President and founder of Camera Source, an online retailer of quality automotive and commercial camera systems. Camera...

Latest Article

The Importance of Safety Technology for Fleets
Image for CJ Vallone

CJ Vallone

President at DiVal Safety Equipment, Inc.

It all started in 1977 when two hard working entrepreneurs, Joe DiMaggio and Chuck Vallone, began selling gloves and rain suits out of the trunk of...

Latest Article

4 Common Safety Mistakes Every Safety Professional Needs to Avoid
Image for Will Vereen

Will Vereen

Business Development Manager
Image for Edward Wade

Edward Wade


Ed is a freelance journalist, who studied Business at Sheffield University. Now based in London he produces health and safety content related to the...

Latest Article

What Does Brexit Mean for Health and Safety?
Image for Anne Wainscott-Sargent

Anne Wainscott-Sargent


Anne Wainscott-Sargent is a veteran writer and communications strategist. She contributes to multiple technology magazines and top-tier business...

Latest Article

The Mobile Advantage: How Mobile Tech Can Help You Avoid the Top 5 OSHA Violations
Image for Morgan Ward

Morgan Ward

HSEQ Specialist

Morgan Ward is a HSEQ Specialist with Hammer Technologies, a cloud based safety management platform designed to streamline processes and increase...

Latest Article

Managing Permits with Cloud-based Technology
Image for Chris Ward

Chris Ward


Chris is an ex UK Health Safety Executive (HSE) Principal Inspector (37 years). An expert on inspection, accident investigation and health safety...

Latest Article

ISO 45001: Key Points Every Safety Professional Should Know
Image for Nick Warrick

Nick Warrick

Sales Manager

Nick Warrick is the Sales Manager at All Seasons Uniforms. With over 15 years of experience in the work uniform business, he has worked with over 100...

Latest Article

Choosing the Right PPE in the Construction Industry
Image for Tom Weeks

Tom Weeks

Product Champion Flame Resistant Clothing

To help support Radians’ expansion into the Arc Rated/Flame Resistant (AR/FR) protection category, Tom Weeks is the Radians Product Champion...

Image for Todd Wells

Todd Wells


Todd Wells is a safety professional who works to turn complex projects into successes, implementing effective safety initiatives and consistently...

Latest Article

How to Buy the Right Safety Harness for Your Job
Image for David White

David White


Please come visit my professional profile here!Dave is co-owner of Quad City Safety and spends his days personifying the phrase “The customer...

Latest Article

Overlooked Jobsite Safety: It's Time to Stop and Think Things Through!
Image for Eric Whitley

Eric Whitley


After an extensive career as a reliability and business improvement consultant, Eric Whitley joined L2L, where he currently serves as the Director of...

Latest Article

5 Key Ways Connected Worker Technology Improves Plant Safety
Image for Michelle Whitmer

Michelle Whitmer


Michelle Whitmer has been a medical writer and editor for The Mesothelioma Center since 2008. Focused on the benefits of natural and integrative...

Latest Article

Top 5 Places You Will Encounter Asbestos in the Workplace
Image for Tim Wiener

Tim Wiener

Product Manager, Eyewear & Hearing Protection

Tim Wiener has over 25 years of experience in new product development. As a recent addition to the Radians product management team, Tim is...

Image for Pete Wiggins

Pete Wiggins


Pete Wiggins worked for over twenty years helping to develop and lead a network of 90+ remodeling franchises serving 30 states, the U.K., Canada and...

Latest Article

How Online Safety Orientations Can Benefit You
Image for Tom Wilkerson

Tom Wilkerson


Tom Wilkerson is the President and CEO of,,, and Tom and his...

Latest Article

Warehouse Safety Tips for Forklifts
Image for Carla Williams

Carla Williams

Customer Service

Carla works in customer service for Safety1 Industries where she deals directly with customers, aiding them with any inquires. Carla also manages all...

Latest Article

How a Phased Return to Work Is Beneficial for the Employee
Image for Bubba Wolford

Bubba Wolford

Director of Business Development

Bubba Wolford received his MS in Exercise Physiology from Mississippi State University 1991. He joined Sqwincher in 2009, serving now as Director of...

Image for Gary Wong

Gary Wong

Complexity Facilitator

Gary is an engineer with a Masters’ degree in Business Administration. He is also a respected Complexity Facilitator.

Image for Joyce Wooley

Joyce Wooley

High Visibility / Outerwear Development Manager

Joyce Wooley has more than two decades of experience in the apparel industry. She is recognized as an executive with vast experience in raw materials...

Latest Article

6 Serious Consequences of Heat Stress
Image for Mark Wright

Mark Wright

Managing Director

Mark Wright is a trusted risk, health and safety professional and the Managing Director of FEFO Consulting and Health and Safety Index. He has a...

Latest Article

The Top 4 Levers That Will Drive Safety Forward in 2022
Image for Chancelor Wyatt, M.S., M.B.A.

Chancelor Wyatt, M.S., M.B.A.

NA Lead - Chemical and Electrician Glove Categories

Chancelor pursued a B.S. mechanical engineering degree from Penn State University, followed by a M.S. degree in mechanical engineering from Purdue...

Image for Alex Zagvazdin

Alex Zagvazdin

VP of Product

Alexander Zagvazdin is a veteran technologist and industry thought leader with a focus on mobile innovation and product development. Currently...

Latest Article

The Build vs. Buy Debate in EHS Inspection Software
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